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And as soon as he has attraction to independent life, not everybody will stand it. The Ash knows very well what he wants, and even better he knows what he does not want. In his striving for own happiness he is so much forceful, that he can crush everything on his way to his target. He is egoist, but not a miser.

So back to the Celtic Zodiac.

This capricious nature in a field if love shows absolutely different features: he may be circumspect, constant, prudent. Strictly speaking, in this area Ash has a biggest success and he can make a good choice, weigh all pro and contra. His union of hearts may also be a marriage of propriety. He is rarely wrong and he makes a lot of efforts to arrange his family life and oftenly it goes successfully.

Druid Horoscope

His mind is based on intuition first. So as Rowan, Willow and Walnut, the Ash has unusual gift of insight. Oftenly he likes to play a prophet and when his predictions do realize, his fame growth even more. Ash do always plays to a Fortune a little. But this tree is safe, do not afraid to hide in his shadow. Ironwood regards a surrounding world with leniency. His attention is more attracted with a shape than with a contents. He has a strong inclination to a discipline and obedience. He likes distinctions, dreams of awards and honours, misses a delight from others. More than anything he likes to obey to established procedures and so he rarely shows initiative.

The taking of decision is accompanied for him with a fear of mistake. Herewith he has a sense of responsibility and justice. He does not like deviations from generally accepted rules, he unwillingly steps off the straight line of a proved and beaten way. He considers a romantic feeling as a responsible thing. He will be a nice and sweet partner. But if life will let him to choose between love and duty, he will, as a rule, select the latter.

Which Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign Are You?

A Fig is a delicate tree with expressive features. He has no special beauty, but he does not stay insignificant. Fig is little impressionable and has some complexes.

kessai-payment.com/hukusyuu/application-android/nud-comment-pirater-un.php He feels himself good not everywhere. He demands for a life space and warmth. He withers in unfavourable conditions.

He stands difficulties not well. Being impressionable, full of bitterness, he pines. In such condiitons his immune system weakens and you should be very careful not to destroy the tree. He has strong family feelings. He feels a constant need for contact to his relatives, even if they can not appreciate it and come up to expectations.

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He requires a stability, notwithstanding his inconstancy in many things. He is an emotional and tolerant nature. Sometimes he pays for it with his mental peace and joie de vivre, especially as he resists to temptations. Even if he is not loyal more frequently in thoughts , he tries to accurately perform his daily duties. You may rely on him. Fig is a realist and he is always efficient and enterprising.

This tree is a real treasure for his relatives. It gives good fruits. Plant it in your garden and take care of him - you will not regret. He rates simple feelings higher than "some fantasies". Any tree with no complex, if understands Fig, will match it well. But, attention! His movements are majestic and full of merit, he causes a respect to himself by his reliable appearance.

He does not want to be considered as a coward, and he reacts more harsh than needed. But his uncompromiseness has also a dark side: Oak can not be flexible, his irreconcilability causes troubles to him. He would get a great success if only he could be a diplomatist for a little. In marriage he may become staid gradually. Standing firmly on his feet, he proceeds with and develops current situations. Notwithstanding his ability for unselfish actions from time to time, he always remembers about his benefits and concentrates all his attention on his personal problems.

He usually secures a fully comfortable being for his relatives. She never thrusts her likings and moods on anybody, she does not demand for anything and does not regret of anything. She also has not a piece of snobbery.

She would more desirably live in a village, but she can get accustomed to any place, if only there is a way to work quietly. Despite her graceful appearance, a Birch grows up in labour and she loves to work. Her modest and delicate nature defines her disposition to a calm love.

Introducing the Celtic Zodiac animal signs

Being sentimental she does not afraid of too passionate feelings. She may be loyal, she can arrange the atmosphere of comfort and domestic happiness at her home. Sometimes it happens that she gets married unconsideredly, but she never regrets for her choice. The most distinctive feature of a Birch is the intelligence.

A power of her imagination and inventiveness is indeed unlimited. She always takes her work with creativity. The ability to think in logic way and to give a life to her thoughts, combined with her productivity, do open all doors for her. In spite of her ability to get into any type of activity, she has the most success in artistism.

Cat Celtic Zodiac Sign

The high life, contacts to powerful people do not attract her attention. A Birch is often happy. She assumes that others may have their own opinion too. On the contrary, in case of need anybody may turn to her for help. In any situation she smiles. She has ability to give her calm mood and serenity to others. Though Olive is kind and sincere, she has enough of intellect and common sense to avoid exploitation of her kindness. She has an innate sense of justice. She knows about about it and is reconciled to it.