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The reading was enriching, thought provoking and renewing. Also Larry welcomed my baby to tag along - Larry has a natural gift with children too! Larry explained my birth chart to me tieing in the Greek and Roman gods along with the planets, houses and astrological signs and how they all interrelated. They totally look at the big picture supporting one's presence in the world as well as attempting to zero in a person's highest and best capacity. I am very grateful for my recent reading. Had my first reading with Larry yesterday.

Forgot to ask the pronoun preference but found them thoughtful, insightful and deeply knowledgeable.

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Connects your current situation well to the chart. Already turned a friend on to her and will be looking to give a reading by them as a birthday present to my daughter. They are warm and provide the insights with respect but not sugar-coated. All around professional from the booking to the reading. This is my second reading and review for Larry and without question I continue to be amazed at how often I come back to my notes and the insights given.

Larry brings an amazing tender heart and intuitive spirit to each reading. This combined with a clear gift and power to give insight that is useful, encouraging and supported by the chart is truly amazing. Larry also holds a great amount of knowledge and allows that to flow in a way that is applicable to daily life. Deeply recommended. Thank you for this grounding and expansive gift! I just had my second reading with Larry, and while there was some time between readings, Larry made sure to look through the notes from my past reading and draw upon that for this one.

As before, the reading was so warm and generous--I feel like I am building a lasting relationship. If you know something about astrology or nothing at all, Larry can work with your comfort level to create a really meaningful experience. So highly recommended!! My first reading with Larry last week was such a beautiful experience. She is so smart and thoughtful and it was clear that she had spent a lot of time preparing. Larry considered my specific questions and translated how the information in my chart corresponded to the upcoming choices I am facing.

But she also went way beyond the inquiries I started with which allowed me to make connections into the past I'd missed and brought a deep sense of clarity I didn't even know I was searching for. I met with Larry for my very first Natal chart reading and was blown away by her insights and guidance. I did not know what to expect, but I came away with valuable tools for handling my life. She broke down the technical language so I could understand my chart.

I really recommend Larry as a powerful resource for anyone looking for help in unlocking their potential! She is the BEST! Larry is generous and thoughtful with her readings. A lot of good information in a way that was expansive and just the right amount of poetic. She asks great questions and holds a good container to think on the challenges your chart might be presenting to you at the moment. So grounding. Larry is very good at describing what exactly is going on so you are better equipped to do your own readings in the future. Have you had your ass handed to you by your Saturn Return?

Do you want to know why? Did you know that so much of your life is already mapped out in your Natal Chart?

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Do you want to know what merry mischief it contains? Do you just need some clarity and reassurance in this crazy world we are living in? If yes, you need to book a session now! You will have an amazing and eye-opening experience with Larry, who knows how to connect all of this information and help you make sense of it.

How to “Simply” Read Your Birth Chart

Larry gave me such an incredible reading! It gave me so much clarity and inspriation. Larry really listened to me explained things to me so clearly. Such a valuable experience. I recorded my session so I can listen to it over and over again! My daughter bought me a session with Larry for my birthday and I was so excited!

Larry exceeded my expectations! I have had many readings in the past by others and Larry was amazing!

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I recommend very highly! Having never met Larry or had an astrology reading I didn't know what to expect. I was instantly put at ease upon connecting. Larry has a tender spirit and a true joy for sharing their intuitive gifts. Every step of the way Larry engaged me to make sure I was okay, understood and to see what was resonating.

It was lovely to say the least. I am currently in a stage of transition and had been questioning myself every step. Larry has a real gift and is a highly empathetic messenger! It was really powerful to have a reading with Larry. I learnt more about myself and understood some dynamics between my own personality and the ways I deal with things.

Super recommended! I had a very affirming reading - and learned about myself and how my inner life is a reflection of my astrological chart. Thank you so much, Larry, for being so wonderful and helpful. I loved my meeting with Larry. It was incredible to hear all about the planets and their movement in my chart and how that has shaped and will shape my life.

The information I got in the reading was so helpful. Larry is a wonderful astrologist and person. Highly recommend.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign | Learn Astrology Guide To Your Natal Chart

It is obvious that Larry has done her work in study and research, and that their review of my chart is thorough and thoughtful. My reading was on point. I had my first ever astrology reading with Larry and was impressed by the insight and connections that were made, as well as how Larry shared them with me. Deep woo salted with a healthy dose of bad-ass, socially minded artistry. If you are tired of constantly snuggling up to the same ol' razor blades of life, or endlessly bonking your beautiful noggin on your favorite horrible habit, this is def for you.

Great insights, with a gentle delivery.

All things insightful, symbolic, spiritual, entertaining, and universal

Plus, Larry brings a cool modality for this ancient art, and its a sweet spot for astro skeptics such as myself. I have had astrology readings in the past but this one was so great and timely. Everything Larry said was resonating with me and made perfect sense as to how I feel in my current state. It was easy to understand and super insightful. This was my first time with a chart read, and I was really glad it was with Larry.

She is super knowledgeable and open to answer any questions, in an approach that was full of care and heart. Would definitely recommend her to anyone interested. Larry is one of those rare individuals that doesn't simply learn about astrology she just KNOWS the information. It makes sense to her and she can see the picture behind the lines, symbols and dots.