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She loves paying attention to detail and noticing things that other sun signs often pass over while rushing. She is also slow to get her work down, but she takes pride in this as the work that she does get done is close to perfection. The Virgo female likes her life to be organized as well. She likes to have a set schedule to follow and a routine for her daily life. She is not one to lead an adventurous life. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Other star signs may see this as a boring trait, but a fellow Virgo personality will see this as a stable trait.

The Virgo woman is only disorganized in one facet of her life, and that is with her emotions. Virgo women tend to be rather sensitive and they need help when sorting out their feelings. Overall, Virgo in love will be a loyal and caring partner, and she will have many natural material feelings which will make her a good mother to her children. The Virgo Virgo soul mates have so much in common because they share the same astrological sign, which means that they also share many of the same traits and desires.

There are many pros to a Virgo-Virgo love compatibility. Since the Virgo-Virgo couple have so many things in common it is unlikely that they will disagree often. They will always have something to talk about that the other is interested in or that they will be entertained by. These two people look at the world in the same light.

These two are likely to have a stable relationship because they know what they both want and need from each other. Also, those born with a Virgo birthday are great at earning and saving money. So it is easy for this couple to be financially stable as well as emotionally stable. In a Virgo and Virgo compatibility , these two people together are not very social.

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So it is likely that they will spend most of their time together at home. They like spending time at home together. They are not an adventurous couple, but they do like spending the night off of work sitting and talking with each other for hours. What Color Matches Your Personality?

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Try The Quiz Now!! Since in the Virgo-Virgo marriage , they have many of the same interests it is not likely that these two people will easily grow bored with their conversation. They are likely to keep encouraging each other to speak on a particular topic, rather than trying to shut them down. These two people also like working together, which many other couples may not understand. Virgo people usually have a great work ethic, so they are able to get a lot done while they are at their job, and the work that they do get done will be done well.

They are likely to succeed in their jobs, which helps to keep their family stable. When they get home from work they need to learn not to talk about it because talking about work while at home can ruin the atmosphere of peacefulness in the home.

The Virgo-Virgo marriage compatibility is excellent. They usually also make great parents. They will do their best to raise their children as well as they can by using traditional family values. They may follow a religion and use those principles to guide their family. Or they may have just use general moral roots to shape their family and home-life. While these two people are the same sign and have many of the same traits, they also have the same poor personality traits, and this can interrupt their relationship at times.

The first problem starts before the Virgo-Virgo friendship happens for this couple.

Virgo Compatibility - Astrology Companion

It often takes a while for two Virgo to come together in a romantic relationship. They often form friendships with each other, but it is harder for them to get together romantically. Virgo is a shy sign, and it is likely that they will not be comfortable approaching someone who they are attracted to. Test Now! It is likely that two Virgins will be friends for a while before a Virgo starts dating another Virgo.

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When they are not at their best, these people can be fussy, critical, judgmental and obsessive compulsive. Virgos give off the mysterious vibe. They are often tucked in the quiet corner observing others in the room rather than mingling with the rest. Those born under this sign are often perceived to be shy….. These people do not reveal much about themselves and build a wall around them because of the lack of trust in others. One must be very patient to be able to get to know a Virgo who prefers to take things a step at a time. When it comes to love, Virgos guard their emotions well.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

They are not the type to fall in love in haste and are very selective in choosing their potential mates. The perfectionists of the zodiac make sure that no stone is left unturned before making a decision. Virgos maybe too fussy but once they are certain about their feelings, their partners will be loved and cared for unconditionally. Will a Virgo click with another Virgo? What happens when two people who think and feel alike get involved? Read on to find out what the stars have written for them. She is beautiful, mysterious, independent and highly organized. Many men fall for her mystique but only the patient ones get to know the real her.

A Virgo woman never makes the first move to get acquainted with other people. In a room full of strangers, this lady will quietly observe and will only warm up to people she feels comfortable with. The shy one in the group always has reservations in connecting with others due to her trust issues.


But after the first encounter, the succeeding ones will show the funny, caring, honest and intelligent side of her. This lady is known to put her man on a pedestal even if it means sacrificing her self-worth. It takes time for her to fall in love but when she does, this woman falls hard.

VIRGO Woman & VIRGO Man (Love♥Compatibility)

When the relationship takes an unpleasant turn, this woman will try her best to make things work. Quitting is never an option for this lady when it comes to love. Virgo man is the quiet one in the corner, busy sizing up the people in the room. He is not a seeker of attention and is content being by himself or in the company of few trusted people. Quite the perfectionist, he seeks a woman who meets his standards. He gets attracted to a woman who is groomed and dressed properly…..

This man falls for someone who is independent, organized, trustworthy and romantic. He would never rush into love and would carefully weigh the pros and cons before pursuing a woman. When this man falls for someone, he gives his all because he aims for perfection even in love. It is important that he gets involved with the right person because he expects that the level of his emotional investment will be matched by his partner.